Existing Places

ID Type Name City State/Canton Country
2 Münster Münster NW Germany
4 Bonn Bonn NW Germany
5 Engelberg Engelberg NW Switzerland
6 Basel Basel BS Switzerland
7 Safenwil Safenwil AG Switzerland
8 Genf Genf GE Switzerland
9 Zürich Zürich ZH Switzerland
10 Pratteln Pratteln BL Switzerland
12 Schaffhausen Schaffhausen SH Switzerland
13 Egloffstein Egloffstein BY Germany
14 Meiringen Meiringen BE Switzerland
15 Marburg Marburg HE Switzerland
16 Miécourt Miécourt JU Switzerland
17 Porrentruy Porrentruy JU Switzerland
18 Bern Bern BE Switzerland
19 Bonfol Bonfol JU Switzerland
20 Niedergrenzebach Schwalmstadt HE Germany
23 Lausanne Lausanne VD Switzerland
24 Kölliken Kölliken AG Switzerland
25 Uerkheim Uerkheim AG Switzerland
26 Laupen Laupen BE Switzerland
28 Münster Bern BE Switzerland
29 Aarau Aarau AG Switzerland
30 Leutwil Leutwil AG Switzerland
31 Frick Frick AG Switzerland
33 Safenwil (Schoeftland) Safenwil (Schoeftland) AG Switzerland
36 Tübingen Tübingen BW Germany
38 Apostelkirche Münster? NW Germany
39 Meiderich Duisburg NW Germany
42 Gemeindesaal der Heilig-Geist-Gemeinde Bern BE Switzerland
43 Gemarker Kirche Barmen NW Germany
44 Grosswardein (rumänisch Oradea) Grosswardein (rumänisch Oradea) BH
46 Saint-Jean-Chambre Saint-Jean-Chambre Département Ardèche France
49 Vereinshaus Basel BS Switzerland
51 Martinskirche Basel BS Switzerland
52 Madiswil Madiswil BE Switzerland
53 Bubendorf Bubendorf BL Switzerland
54 St. Jakob Basel BS Switzerland
55 Laufen Laufen BL Switzerland
56 Gerzensee Gerzensee BE Switzerland
57 Walzenhausen Walzenhausen AR Switzerland
59 Ebersbach? Ebersbach?
61 Münster Basel BS Switzerland
62 Oberkassel Oberkassel NW Germany
64 Hamburg Hamburg HH Germany
65 Immanuelskirche Barmen NW Germany
68 Trauerhaus Bern BE Switzerland
69 St. Luc St. Luc VS Switzerland
71 Basel (Strafanstalt) Basel (Strafanstalt) Switzerland
72 Bruderholzkapelle Basel BS Switzerland
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